Redefining luxury in Singapore [video]

Singapore luxury

Singapore is a famous touristic center for its high end hospitality venues, luxury shopping and delightful entertainment. With recent new developments, Singaporean luxury businesses are defining new standards to remain a global leader as the competition for luxury travel stiffens in Asia and the rest of the world.

For brands and companies involved in the hospitality, entertainment or retail sectors, the most prominent landmarks of Singapore can provide great inspiration.  With ideas to improve hotels, restaurants, shops or just the special treatment reserved to high end consumers, the following video will help luxury professionals refine their approach to luxury.

Renewing the luxury experience in Singapore

To stay ahead of the competition, companies involved in the luxury sector continuously have to upgrade their offering and provide better products and services. As many countries in Asia and beyond aim at attracting the rich and make them spend their wealth, only the most special and fabulous pleasures will ultimately succeed at seducing the very coveted niche market of the wealthy.

That is why luxury hotels of Singapore and luxury companies create new experiences, exceptional things to do, see and eat, as well as a more evasive “impressions” and “feelings” of being treated as someone special, or being part of a special “atmosphere”.

Here is a key take away to learn from the video: you can create amazing new things like the Marina Bay Sands stunning infinity pool, but you may also create a feeling like the Raffles Hotel offering a voyage to a bygone era or Joël Robuchon making his restaurant “l’Atelier” an entertainment, beyond just a place to eat original and delicious food.

Review of the Singaporean luxury brands and companies

Marina Bay Sands – integrated luxury resort

The Marina Bay Sands hotel is a new landmark of Singapore with suites of up to almost 7,000 square feet, with floor-to-ceiling windows,  including gym, massage and hair salon, and entertainment rooms.

Located at the 55th floor of the Marina Bay Sands complex, the Banyan Tree Spa provides an ultimate relaxing experience with amazing views on Marina Bay and the Gardens by the Bay.

The world famous infinity pool of the Marina Bay Sands is a 150-meter swimming long pool located atop the complex, 200 meters in the air, with breathtaking views overlooking the city.

ION Orchard – luxury shopping

Located at the start of Orchard Road, the main shopping street of Singapore, the ION Orchard is a large luxury mall providing 8 floors of luxury shopping experience with 300 shops.

Raffles Hotel – luxury hotel since 1887

The Raffles Hotel offers an emotional luxury experience and a glimpse of the past thanks to its historic building, classified as a national monument. It is an important place for the city, where several important events took place over the years, including the creation of the Singapore Sling cocktail in 1915.

Resorts World Sentosa – Exotic rooms and culinary artistry

Resorts Wold Sentosa is gateway from the city center to an entertainment and relaxation area. It is notably home to a hotel with themed suites giving exclusive views on the sea life, and “L’atelier de Joël Robuchon” a restaurant where new creations in fine dining meet entertainment around the culinary experience.

Video form November 2016 by CNN

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