Ideas for business trips activities in Singapore [video]

Singapore business trip ideas

A world renown location for business, Singapore is also a growing hub for tourism. Not surprisingly it is therefore a famous destination for business trips of companies and teams from all over Southeast Asia and beyond. Here are some ideas to organize interesting business trips that go out of the ordinary in the Lion City.

With more than a million international visitors every month, the Singapore botanic garden added to the UNESCO’s world heritage list and a strong push by the government to promote “Your Singapore” as a top destination for tourists, the island nation is doubling its business reputation with tourism.

Organizing original business trips in Singapore

For meetings, incentives, conferences and events – MICE – Singapore has a number of business venues and luxury hotels to hosts work affairs of business. Yet, the city also offers a vast array of activities for employees leisure time and team building activities.

Sensory experiments

Custom perfume making

An original activity to stimulate the interactions between members of a group, perfume making calls to individual tastes and allows teams to exchange views on an unusual theme: pleasure and preferences in smells.

Through the creation of their own favorite perfume mixing their favorite scents, people will explore and share thoughts out of their ordinary habits.  In Singapore, a great place to prepare for the making of custom perfumes would be to arrange a workshop session with Je t’aime Singapore.

Culinary discovery and group cooking class

Another sensory experiment, a cooking class can become the center of a team building activity. Some places like The Intan can associate both Singaporean culinary culture discovery through cooking, as well as Singaporean traditions, to entertain employees and build habits of working together in a different environment.

Entertainment venues and cultural visits of Singapore

Sentosa Island

Singapore is not only a place for business but also has a plethora of leisure venues. One of the most popular is Sentosa Island, where people can enjoy a tropical beach and swim, just a few kilometers from the city center. But the Sentosa Island goes beyond just an ordinary beach resort.

With many other attractions, Sentosa Island is a heaven for team building activities and relaxation. From beach, nature and culture, with fort Siloso, spas and restaurants, golf, indoor or outdoor attractions, such as Universal Studios or Madame Thussaud’s, Sentosa Island is a perfect place to alternate with business meeting days.

Walking tours

A great way to do some mild physical exercise and discover about Singapore’s past is to stroll around the views of the city. Whether it be through its colonial past, its Chinese, Malay and Indian heritages, or its modern and shopping districts, Singapore is a melting pot of interesting influences for all to learn and enjoy.

Gardens by the Bay

A recent addition to the growing cultural and natural activities of Singapore, the Gardens by the Bay are a new leisurely area with gardens, restaurants and other natural attractions, including a flower dome, a greenhouse and the world’s highest indoor waterfall.

Video from May 2016 by The Star Online

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