Louis Vuitton’s luxury guide to Singapore

Singapore luxury guide

Singapore is a rising star for tourism in Asia, with a host of ultra-modern skyscrapers, vertiginous panoramas and luxury hotels. In a trend-setting video that sums up some of the city’s best places of interests, Louis Vuitton glimpses through historic landmarks and avant-garde designs to communicate an elitist taste of Singapore.

This beautiful video presents a double interest: through the subjects treated it highlights some of the best that Singapore has to offer, and through the style of the video it could give the luxury marketers some tips to communicate about luxury venues to an affluent and cultivated society in Singapore.

Luxury hotels and premium views of Singapore

Singapore is a modern metropolis that emerged on the global scenes only recently, in the past few decades. With a breathtaking contemporary skyline and some well-preserved historic buildings, Singapore gathers some fabulous views, buildings and hotels.

  • Raffles hotel: the iconic, historic luxury hotel of Singapore. The legendary hotel of Singapore is where the Singapore Sling signature cocktail was invented, and famous authors used to stay and linger.
  • Fullerton bay hotel: with a modern design, the rooftop pool bar of the Fullerton provides a perfect place for a drink with a spectacular view.
  • Marina Bay Sands complex: since its creation, the Marina Bay Sands complex has reshaped Singapore, instantly becoming a major monument of the city. The top deck hosts a swimming pool with incredible panoramas on the city.
  • Marina barrage: with some of the best angles to watch the city, the Marina barrage makes an ideal promenade on the Singapore bay.

Communicating about Singapore to luxury consumers

In its series of city guides, Louis Vuitton takes a stylish approach to present hand picked places to a trendy audience. Of course, each place is carefully filmed to provide the best impressions, but the film mounting, the music, the speech and speaker’s tone also give us clues on how to approach an affluent and difficult-to-satisfy audience.

Marketers of luxury and high-end goods and services could also trace in this clip the unique segmentation of high-end consumers targeted. This video on Singapore apparently aims at architecture and modernity inclined tourists with a touch of historic and literary influence (video), with dynamic and mature tastes (music and voice).

If you check the other videos in the Louis Vuitton city guides series, you may find other clues that point to other demographics, specific to each city. The target of such segments by one of the leading global luxury brands could give luxury marketers some tips on what type of affluent consumers to target in Singapore, as they might present a dominating segment in the high-end consumers of Singapore…

Video from December 2014 by Louis Vuitton

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