Overview of the clean technology sector in Asia

Asia clean technology

In a new series of reports on the rising Asian economies in industrially dynamic sectors, the Economist Intelligence Unit brings us a new survey of the state of clean technologies and energy in Asia. With analysis of the clean tech companies and sector, this report outlines the dynamism of the industry and highlights the opportunities to seize.

For a more comfortable reading, it is quite suggested to open the report in full screen!

Environmental technology in Asia 2014 – Summary

Executive summary – page 2

Asia’s importance to cleantech and clean energy companies – page 3

How dynamic is Asia’s cleantech sector? – page 7

Where are the opportunities? – page 11

  • Box 1: The greenest kilowatt of energy is the one not consumed – page 12
  • Box 2: UrbanisAsian – page 13

Presentation from July 2014 by the Economist Intelligence Unit

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