Opening a company in Singapore

Singapore Merlion

In need of doing business in ASEAN or Asia? Singapore is one of the most convenient places to start a business, both in terms of administrative easiness and fiscal attractivity. Here are some official guides to help you in the process.

Steps to start a business in Singapore

First and foremost you can find all the details of the steps to accomplish on the website of the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore. Eager to make you start a business and hire Singaporean people, they have gathered list of all the steps to be taken, including:

  • business registration
  • finding premises
  • recruiting people
  • assistance that you can obtain from government agencies
  • some info on laws and regulations

Here is the link to start from: Starting a business – Ministry of Manpower of Singapore

Registering to the Accounting and Corportate Regulatory Authority

The second useful resource is about registering your business to the Accounting and Corportate Regulatory Authority of Singapore, a mandatory requisite for any Singaporean company, that will guide through the process depending on your campany type (sole-proprietorship or partnership) through the online website dedicated to that purpose (Bizfile) and detail the fees to be paid.

Visit the following link: Registering a Sole-Proprietorship / Partnership – Accounting and Corportate Regulatory Authority

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