Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore – IDA

Infocomm Development Authority - IDA Singapore

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore – IDA – is the government agency in charge of developing information technology and telecommunications in Singapore. IDA supports citizens and companies to assist them in learning, using and developing the information technology eco-system of Singapore.

In addition to its mission to empower citizens and companies in the use of information technologies, IDA supports the government into implementing the proper online tools to better serve the Singaporean society. However, its functions towards “enabling business innovation and transformation” makes IDA is most interesting for business.

Empowering the use of technology and innovation in Singapore

IDA’s primary goal is to enable the “Smart Nation Vision” of Singapore. As presented by Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong,  in the following video, technology is really at the core of the vision for the future of the island nation.

Embodying the “Smart Nation” Vision, IDA hosts a large section dedicated to broadcasting information on the technological landscape, technology news and organizing events. It aims at being the arm of Singapore to support the tech scene and help Singapore into remaining a leading, modern city where IT is systematically used.

With these technical information on the technology, infrastructure and security available for people and businesses together with learning programs for manpower, community and people development, IDA provides numerous resources to help them become proficient with IT and use it in their daily activities.

IDA defines and broadcasts policies and regulations for information technologies in Singapore that are “both pro-consumer and pro-business”. Gathering all regulations and decrees concerning the legal framework of technologies in Singapore, IDA is also the repository of all laws that affect the technological environment.

Supporting companies and startups of Singapore

To facilitate the adoption of technologies, IDA lists various programs and partnerships for enterprises and SMEs. More particularly, IDA provides a set of specific initiatives for certain priority sectors in Singapore: education, financial services, government, healthcare, trade & logistics, tourism, hospitality and retail.

Accomplishing the “Smart Nation” vision passes notably through the support to promising high-growth startups of Singapore. With a leading role in the tech startup ecosytem of Singapore, IDA helps them get funding and recognition, and to grow and expand. IDA notably includes an accelerator and the IDA lab, a facility for the development of technologies, developing ideas and collaboration.

Note that IDA is present on the various major social networks, and especially maintains a vibrant Facebook page and Twitter account: @IDAsg

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