Female entrepreneurship ecosystem of Singapore

Singapore female entrepreneurs ecosystem

A regional center for startups, Singapore is home to a vibrant environment of companies, support structures and entrepreneurs. Local traditions are however hard to bend and women are underrepresented in this ecosystem. This toolkit gathers all the information to provide extra guidance for female entrepreneurs of Singapore.

A few alarming statistics indicate that women are left aside in startups globally while companies where women are well involved often over-perform their peers. Women CEO also tend to receive only a fraction of funds distributed by venture capitalists.

In the Singaporean startup ecosystem, women seem to be even less involved than in other countries. With 5% of women in tech-enabled startups in Singapore versus 10% in the Silicon Valley, 7.9% of women in corporate boards in Singapore against 16.6% in the US and a relatively high Gender Gap Rating, females are not engaged enough in both startups and business in Singapore.

A guide for women entrepreneurs of Singapore

The following presentation by Female Founders, an independent gender equality think tank, details the female side of the ecosystem of Singapore and why the question of involvement of women is critical. It presents prominent females involved in startups in Singapore for potential founders to contact, follow or learn from.

Together with VCs, business leaders and women networks, media and a host of business services, this slide deck will guide all women interested in business in Singapore to go through launching and expanding with female-friendly companies, and more generally to expand their network.

Female Founders Singapore Startup Ecosystem Overview – summary

Goals of the Singapore Ecosystem Overview – slide 3

Intro to the Singapore landscape – slide 5

  • Businesses with women do better but women receive a fraction of VC funds – slide 6
  • Why Singapore – slide 7
  • How Singapore compares – slide 8

1. Female entrepreneurs you need to know in Singapore – slide 9

  • Female founded companies that have been acquired – slide 10
  • Entrepreneurs leading fast-growth businesses in Singapore – slide 11
  • Business trailblazers – slide 12
  • In focus: Olivia Lym, Hyflux – slide 13

2. VCs in Singapore: Investing in women and employing senior women – slide 14

  • VCs that have invested the most female-led companies based in Singapore – slide 15
  • Women VCs in Singapore – slide 16
  • VCs in Singapore employing women analysts – slide 17
  • In focus: Jenny Lee, CGV Capital – slide 18

3. Supporting Ecosystem for Female Entrepreneurs in Singapore – slide 19

  • Co-working spaces – slide 20
  • Women networks – slide 23
  • Media – slide 24
  • Professional services and accounting – slide 25
  • Legal – slide 26
  • Coaching and training – slide 27
  • Leading minds & enablers accross the tech ecosystem – slide 28
  • In focus: Mouna Auri, Woomentum – slide 29
  • Incubators – slide 30

Presentation from November 2015 by Female Founders

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