Technological revolution of education in Singapore

Singapore's technological revolution of education

The technological revolution can be used to develop a new approach to teaching. This video by Edutopia shows how the Ngee Ann Secondary School experiments with new methods of teaching to engage students in participating, connecting and working together to improve their learning experience.

How technology revolutionizes education in Singapore

  • Learning needs to be fun so that students are eager to come to school and interested in learning
  • Technology can be used to make learning more engaging
  • Ngee Ann Secondary School is part of a Singaporean pilot program of seven “Future School” emphasizing on technology, digital media and “21st century skills”
  • Teachers produces innovating teaching materials to engage the students
  • Knowledge is not exclusively delivered by teachers anymore, it can be acquired from many sources. In this “digital age” model, teachers become facilitator that help students to find the right knowledge, where to find it and how to digest it.
  • Technology is leveraged to obtain a significant impact for instruction. For example, teachers can gather students feedback more easily and engage them with tools they are familiar with and eager to use.
  • Digital tools provides a participatory experience where the students are not only consumers of knowledge but also consumers.
  • Teachers of Ngee Ann are also engaged in sharing best practices with many schools around the world and improve their methods and materials.
  • Teachers cannot teach the same way they were taught, they have to adapt to new tools to engage students and deliver a better learning experience.

Video published in March 2012 by Edutopia

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