Indonesia’s middle class to reach 140m by 2020

The rise of the middle class in Indonesia

This short video presents the expected rise of the middle-class and affluent consumers (MACS) from 70 million to more than double by 2020, together with the supposed characteristics of MACS in Indonesia. This large number of consumers will generate several challenges and opportunities to be seized by businesses.

Major characteristics of the Indonesian population

The Boston Consulting Group predicts that the growth of the middle-income group and affluent customers will grow from 70 million today to more than 140 million by 2020, which will represent more than half of Indonesia’s population.

Their robust spending is therefore expected to boost the economy and generate various opportunities for business to serve them directly or indirectly as their habits are set towards change.

Instead of being centered in the major cities, the middle-income population shall be more disperse to all cities in the Indonesian archipelago.

Issues that need to be addressed

Some problems will emerge that will have to be successfully managed in order to reach this predictions:

  • infrastructure will have to be improved
  • development of talent will be required through education and professional training

Video from March 2013 by Chanel News Asia

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