Why Singapore will be the financial center of SE Asia

Jim Rogers on Singapore as a financial capital of Asia

International investor Jim Rogers explains to the Wall Street Journal the advantages of Singapore as a financial center in Asia in a comparison with Hong Kong, before detailing why the economic growth of China will also benefit to its South-East Asian neighbors.


  • Singapore, like Hong Kong, has the benefit of having English and Chinese as official languages
  • Singapore is an open and law-abiding society which make it very attractive
  • Singapore and Hong Kong will be the two centers in Asia, but Singapore is going to be the financial center of Southeast Asia
  • Hong Kong is the gateway to China; but being viewed as part of China, Hong Kong depends on the politics of China, which can be a threat to foreign investors, which will then prefer Singapore has a financial center to develop in Asia
  • As Canada has greatly developed thanks to the USA, neighbors to China will grow too as China will invest and need their natural resources and cheap labor to support its growth.

View this video from September 2011 on the Wall Street Journal website.

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