Top 50 Blogs from Indonesia 2018

Top 50 Blogs from Indonesia 2018

With the largest digital population is Southeast Asia, Indonesia gathers a vibrant community of local and foreign bloggers in diverse themes. The following Top 50 blogs from Indonesia regroups the most popular blogs from thought-leaders and trendsetters in Indonesia, both in Indonesian and English.

In the same manner as for broader business in Indonesia, digital users in Indonesia must primarily be engaged in Indonesian language to reach the country’s larger audiences.  In opposition to other countries of the region which primarily use English, many of the most popular blogs are published in Indonesian, with some blogs in English from expats or English-speaking Indonesian.

Whatever the language, the array of themes of popular blogs are very diverse. The usual successful themes of travel, food, beauty, fashion, tech and business/money are obviously well represented, but certain Indonesian specificity also manifest in a few popular blogs, such as motorcycles or singing birds.

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List of the Top 50 blogs from Indonesia

After carefully combing more than 130 blogs from various themes and industries with the method detailed below, here are the results of the most popular blogs from Indonesia. They are primarily blogs from single authors, but the most popular ones often have multiple others.

Whether in Indonesian or English, or both, they collect personal opinions and/or tips for a unique or multiple themes, with a niche focus or targeted to mass audiences. The obvious dichotomy is that blogs in Indonesian are almost entirely targeted to Indonesian people, while those in English aim at other markets as well as the local expat and English-speaking community.

Each blog’s main themes have been added to make the list more user-friendly and help you learn about blogs that correspond to your interests… or the product or service you might want these influencers to talk about.

Note that this post is part of a series on top blogs in Southeast Asia:

1. Dailysocial

Themes: tech, gadgets, gaming  – Note: blog written primarily in Indonesian with an English section

Facebook: dailysocial
Twitter: dailysocial
Instagram: dailysocial
Youtube: dailysocial
Estimated monthly traffic: 2,090,000 !!
Total social media community: 162,100

2. Traveling Yuk

Themes: travel, food

Facebook: travelingyuk
Estimated monthly traffic: 1,020,000 !
Total social media community: 1,798,000 !


Themes: motorcycles, racing

Facebook: iwanbanaranblog
Twitter: iwanbanaran
Instagram: iwanbanaranblog
Youtube: iwanbanaranblog
Estimated monthly traffic: 1,740,000 !
Total social media community: 344,600

4. Klub Burung

Themes: birds, birds singing contests

Facebook: BurungFB
Twitter: OmKicau
Estimated monthly traffic: 1,550,000 !
Total social media community: 189,500

5. Blog Dokter

Themes: health, nutrition

Facebook: blogdokter
Twitter: blogdokter
Instagram: blogdokter
Estimated monthly traffic: 313,000
Total social media community: 1,870,700 !


Themes: tech, social media

Facebook: benakribo
Twitter: benakribo
Instagram: benakribo
Youtube: benazio
Estimated monthly traffic: N/A
Total social media community: 1,933,000 !

7. Reservasi Blog

Themes: travel

Facebook: reservasidotcom
Instagram: reservasicom
Estimated monthly traffic: 645,000
Total social media community: 136,900

8. Tips Pintar

Themes: tech, gadgets, gaming

Facebook: selalulebihtau
Instagram: tipspintarcom
Youtube: TipsPintar
Estimated monthly traffic: 516,000
Total social media community: 241,000

9. Shitlicious

Themes: motorcycles, travel, lifestyle

Facebook: shitliciousdotcom
Twitter: shitlicious
Instagram: shitlicious
Youtube: nyinx2
Estimated monthly traffic: 84,000
Total social media community: 1,082,100 !

10. Jakarta 100 Bars

Themes: nighlife, travel – Note: blog written in English

Facebook: jkt100bars
Estimated monthly traffic: 430,000
Total social media community: 300

11. Elle & Jess

Themes: fashion, beauty, lifestyle  – Note: blog posts written in both English and Indonesian. Instagram and Twitter followers of Elle and Jess added in the total community.

Facebook: ellejess
Twitter: ElleJess
Instagram: ElleJess
Youtube: hompimpagambreng
Estimated monthly traffic: N/A
Total social media community: 461,300


Themes: food, travel, lifestyle – Note: blog written in English

Facebook: anakjajan.diary
Twitter: AnakJajan
Instagram: anakjajan
Estimated monthly traffic: 75,000
Total social media community: 299,700

13. Andra Alodita

Themes: beauty, travel, parenting

Twitter: alodita
Instagram: alodita
Youtube: alodita
Estimated monthly traffic: 95,000
Total social media community: 254,400

14. Pergi Dulu

Themes: travel

Facebook: pergidulu
Twitter: PergiDulu
Instagram: pergidulu
Estimated monthly traffic: 163,000
Total social media community: 105,700

15. TeknoJurnal

Themes: tech, startups

Facebook: TeknoJurnal
Twitter: teknojurnal
Estimated monthly traffic: 189,000
Total social media community: 36,400

16. Team Touring

Themes: food, travel

Facebook: teamtouring
Estimated monthly traffic: 203,000
Total social media community: 7,400

17. Miharu Julie

Themes: beauty, travel  – Note: blog written with some posts in English some in Indonesian

Facebook: MiharuJulieBlog
Twitter: MiharuJulie
Instagram: miharu.julie
Estimated monthly traffic: 143,000
Total social media community: 97,700


Themes: tech, gadgets

Facebook: JauhariNET
Estimated monthly traffic: 185,000
Total social media community: 12,00

19. Cheryl Raissa

Themes: beauty, lifestyle

Instagram: cherylraissa
Youtube: chereal93
Estimated monthly traffic: 59,000
Total social media community: 241,000

20. Eat and Treats

Themes: food, travel, lifestyle – Note: blog written in English

Twitter: stanislaushans
Instagram: eatandtreats
Estimated monthly traffic: 69,000
Total social media community: 206,500

21. Sasyachi

Themes: beauty

Facebook: hellosasyachi
Twitter: sasyachi
Instagram: sasyachi
Youtube: sasyachi
Estimated monthly traffic: 104,000
Total social media community: 117,100


Themes: blogging, social media

Facebook: sugengblogger
Twitter: massugengblog
Estimated monthly traffic: 126,000
Total social media community: 20,000

23. Hot Chocolate & Mint

Themes: fashion, lifestyle – Note: blog written in English

Twitter: dianarikasari
Instagram: dianarikasari
Youtube: dianarikasari
Estimated monthly traffic: N/A
Total social media community: 268,600

24. Blogodolar

Themes: digital marketing

Instagram: herman.yudiono
Estimated monthly traffic: 123,000
Total social media community: 1,900

25. MyTipsCantik

Themes: beauty, lifestyle  – Note: blog written with some posts in English some in Indonesian

Twitter: MyTipsCantik
Instagram: harumips
Youtube: TipsCantik
Estimated monthly traffic: 51,000
Total social media community: 140,000

26. Seuramoe Liza

Themes: travel, health

Twitter: LizaFathia
Instagram: lizafathia
Estimated monthly traffic: 115,000
Total social media community: 11,400

27. Indonesia Expat

Themes: expat life, news, business – Note: blog written in English

Facebook: Indonesia.Expat
Twitter: Indonesia_Expat
Instagram: indonesiaexpat
Estimated monthly traffic: 80,000
Total social media community: 80,700

28. Backpack Story

Themes: travel

Facebook: backpackstory
Twitter: arievrahman
Instagram: arievrahman
Estimated monthly traffic: 87,000
Total social media community: 66,200

29. Silver Treasure

Themes: beauty, blogging

Instagram: nindyz
Estimated monthly traffic: 109,000
Total social media community: 1,100

30. Vani Sagita

Themes: beauty, lifestyle

Instagram: vanisagita
Estimated monthly traffic: 106,000
Total social media community: 2,100

31. Wira Nurmansyah

Themes: travel

Facebook: WiraNurmansyah
Twitter: wiranurmansyah
Instagram: wiranurmansyah
Estimated monthly traffic: 97,000
Total social media community: 16,400

32. Startup Bisnis

Themes: startups, business

Facebook: StartupBisnis
Twitter: StartupBisnis
Estimated monthly traffic:
Total social media community: 208900

33. Medianers

Themes: health, nursery, midwifery

Facebook: Medianers
Instagram: medianers
Estimated monthly traffic: 100,000
Total social media community: 2,300

34. Chocky Sihombing

Themes: travel

Twitter: chockysihombing
Instagram: chockysihombing
Estimated monthly traffic: 94,000
Total social media community: 2,400

35. Inijie

Themes: food, lifestyle

Instagram: inijie
Estimated monthly traffic: 52,000
Total social media community: 83,200

36. Talkative Tya

Themes: beauty, lifestyle

Twitter: atisatyaarifin
Instagram: atisatyaarifin
Estimated monthly traffic: 88,000
Total social media community: 5,300

37. Janine Intansari

Themes: beauty, lifestyle – Note: blog written in English

Instagram: janineintansari
Youtube: JanineIntansari
Estimated monthly traffic: N/A
Total social media community: 179,000

38. Discover your Indonesia

Themes: travel – Note: blog written in English

Facebook: hellofirsta
Twitter: hellofirsta
Instagram: hellofirsta
Estimated monthly traffic: 79,000
Total social media community: 11,600

39. Dzofar

Themes: graphic design, travel, lifestyle

Twitter: dzofar
Instagram: dzofar
Estimated monthly traffic: 78,000
Total social media community: 8,900

40. Isnuansa

Themes: blogging, parenting, lifestyle

Facebook: isnuansa
Twitter: isnuansa
Instagram: dianawahyudi
Estimated monthly traffic: 78,000
Total social media community: 8,600

41. Pinastika

Themes: beauty, lifestyle

Facebook: dewieaprillia.pinastikablog
Twitter: dewieaprillia
Instagram: dewieaprillia91
Estimated monthly traffic: 78,000
Total social media community: 3,600

42. Catperku

Themes: travel

Facebook: catperku
Twitter: catperku
Instagram: catperku
Estimated monthly traffic: 55,000
Total social media community: 42,400

43. Lizzie Parra

Themes: beauty, lifestyle

Facebook: Lizzie-Parra 
Twitter: bylizzieparra
Instagram: bylizzieparra
Estimated monthly traffic: N/A
Total social media community: 149,300


Themes: beauty

Instagram: rzwdanti
Estimated monthly traffic: 74,000
Total social media community: 1,200

45. Leeviahan

Themes: beauty

Facebook: Leeviahan
Twitter: leeviahan1
Instagram: leeviahan
Estimated monthly traffic: 62,000
Total social media community: 24,800


Themes: beauty, travel, parenting

Twitter: glowliciousme
Instagram: glowliciousme
Estimated monthly traffic: 65,000
Total social media community: 3,600

47. Xiao Vee

Themes: beauty, travel, lifestyle

Facebook: XiaoVeeBlog
Twitter: XiaoVee_
Instagram: shelvi0320
Estimated monthly traffic: 57,000
Total social media community: 5,700

48. Foodnote Stories

Themes: food, travel

Instagram: foodnotestories
Estimated monthly traffic: N/A
Total social media community: 118,000

49. Safira Nys

Themes: beauty, food

Instagram: safiranys
Estimated monthly traffic: 56,000
Total social media community: 2,200

50. eBlush

Themes: beauty

Facebook: eblushindonesia
Instagram: eblushid
Estimated monthly traffic: 51,000
Total social media community: 5,900



Top bloggers from Indonesia on Twitter

So here is the complete lsit of top 50 blogs from Indonesia. To help you stay informed on their activities, we created a Twitter list to regroup their Twitter profiles (when available) together with some other top bloggers from Indonesia active on Twitter.

You can check what they are up to and follow the whole list to keep in touch with them all at once. Of course, don’t forget to follow @ASEANUP too! 🙂

Indonesia’s top blogs selection criteria

Though the highest ranking blogs and websites in many “top” lists are often legitimate, when a single tool is used to rank these websites the middle and lower ranking ones are often not the most relevant, because of the inherent characteristics of the tool used. That’s why the previous list has been created by carefully selecting the 50 most influential blogs from Indonesia through a combination of well-established tools for digital marketing.

Note that a few popular Indonesian blogs have been left out because they talk about political or religious topics which are not relevant to business.

Domain authority and estimated monthly traffic

First, a shortlist of 130 blogs with recent updates was created by screening 250+ of the most prominent blogs in Indonesian and English through MOZ’s Domain Authority and SimilarWeb’s monthly estimated traffic as of March 2018.

Only blogs with high domain authority or estimated traffic were generally kept, but several blogs, especially in Indonesian, do not have a reliable Domain Authority or traffic estimation, so these results were mitigated with the total social media community.

Total social media community

The social media community on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter of each blog in the shortlist was recorded when they were above 1,000 followers, and Youtube when it was above 5,000 followers. These communities were added to create a “total social media community” for each blog and indicate the general popularity of the blog/blogger on social media.

This was important to rank blogs the middle and end of the list, as some of their estimated traffic scores were unavailable, even though they often gather large online communities of tens of thousands.

Final ranking 

Finally by combining SimilarWeb’s estimated monthly traffic (weighed 2) and the total social media community (weighed 1) for each blog, the shortlist was ordered from the most to least influential. The top 50 blogs obtained through these aggregated criteria were finally retained to ensure the most relevant references and measure blogs through their relative influence in one useful list.

What do you think about our top blogs from Indonesia? Was this list useful to you? Did we miss any influential blog? Leave your comments below!

13 Replies to “Top 50 Blogs from Indonesia 2018”

    1. Hi,
      Do you mean the criteria for selection and ranking?
      It is detailed in the last part of the article “Indonesia’s top blogs selection criteria”.

  1. Thank you so much for including me in the top 50! I’m soooo proud and happy.

    I have further information about my blog:

    My facebook page is: and it 3,514 followers.
    I have personal facebook account too: and it has 6319 followers.

    1. Hi,
      Congratulations to you!
      We made the choice to only refer to Facebook pages, no personal accounts. However, we could not include your Facebook page because access seems to be restricted and we cannot see it.
      Is it only allowed for people in Indonesia?

  2. Dear aseanup,

    Zenius Blog is probably one of the highest traffic blog in Indonesia.
    by April 2018 it has :
    2,500,000++ pageviews
    2,100,000++ unique sessions.
    997,000++ social media community

    However, the blog was part of the main web which is You can contact me for more info about zenius.


    Glenn Ardi
    Zenius Blog Editor

  3. Could we know what the evaluation criteria are like? The problem is, in my opinion, that there are still many other blogs with high traffic, but they may not be highlighted here.

    1. Hi,
      You may find details about the selection in the bottom section “Indonesia’s top blogs selection criteria”.

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