Indonesia Salary Guide 2018 [report]

Indonesia salary guide 2018

The most populous country of Southeast Asia, Indonesia has a large workforce, a fast-growing economy and a dynamic and varied business environment with many work opportunities. Potential candidates and hiring companies must be aware of salaries and compensations for the right skills and experience.

Various recruitment and temporary jobs companies publish information on the markets they intend to tackle. They aim at helping both companies and applicants know about the price of the skills and experience they bring or search.

This overview of salaries in Indonesia can help people looking for next job and HR professional to assess the cost of human resources through several industries, levels of experience and positions. Check the following salary guides for other ASEAN countries:

Costs of Human Resources in Indonesia

Indonesia has been going through important changes since the power shift in the nation’s political leadership. With growth estimates of 5-6%, the political inflection brings new effects on the economy, infrastructures, energy, natural resources and the Indonesian business environment in general.

Though the boom in digital, tech and e-commerce is still attracting a lot of interest from recruiters and job seekers, political changes have also resulted in some moves in the salaries of certain industries. The heavy public investments in infrastructure stimulate construction, but traditional economic heavy sectors, like agriculture and manufacturing, remain dynamic. According to Michael Page Indonesia, the top industries in Indonesia are:

  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Logisitics
  • FinTech

Some industries also seem to be more dynamic than others in the pace of salaries’ growth: digital, engineering and manufacturing, financial services are all expected to be the leaders in salary growth. These trends drive the job market and several of the most wanted jobs reflect the interest of leading sectors and emerging new ones.

10 key jobs and salaries in Indonesia 2018

Nevertheless, the entire business environment keeps a strong outlook for the coming years, as efforts in business policies, governance and competitiveness drive Indonesia up in international business rankings.

To summarize the state of the job market in Indonesia, Michael Page Indonesia presents detailed salary figures for a wide array of jobs through various domains and industries.

Indonesia Salary Guide 2018: Jobs categories summary

Indonesia Salary Benchmark 2018
Click to open the Indonesia Salary Benchmark 2018 PDF
  • Indonesia market insights – page 3


  • Digital – page 4
  • Engineering and manufacturing – page 6
  • Finance and accounting – page 8
  • Financial services – page 11
  • Human Resources – page 24
  • Legal – page 27
  • Marketing – page 30
  • Procurement and Supply Chain – page 34
  • Property and construction – page 38
  • Sales – page 41
  • Technology – page 45

More information on salaries in Indonesia

Other companies involved in human resources in Indonesia publish salary surveys: recruitment agencies, temporary work and human resources companies. Among them the Robert Walters salary survey stands out as an other up-to date report for jobs in Indonesia and Asia in 2018.

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