Venture Capital in Southeast Asia

Venture Capital in Southeast Asia

The Venture Capital industry is in its infancy in Southeast Asia. Yet, with a large and fast-growing Internet users base and quickly evolving business practices, the door is now open for a whole range of local startups to grow and conquer the region. This unique context now presents an interesting opportunity for Venture Capitalists.

Index of abbreviations

  • VC: Venture Capital
  • VCs: Venture Capitalists
  • LP: Limited Partnership
  • IPOs: Initial Public Offerings

Venture Capital Opportunity in Southeast Asia – summary

  • Why the US Venture Capital Industry crashed after the “.com bubble” burst – slide 5
  • Why the current era is different in the US – slide 14
  • The situation in Asia – slide 22
  • The situation of Southeast Asia – slide 30
    • A lot of seed stage activity – slide 32
    • Arrival of Rocket Internet – slide 33
    • More accelerators – slide 34
    • The result: a lot more startups – slide 35
    • 11.8 Billion USD were spent to aquire Asian startups, including 2.6 Billion USD on Southeast Asia startups – slide 37
    • Acquisitions – slide 38
    • Initial Public Offerings – slide 39
  • Recent changes for VC, technology and startups – slide 40
    • 99% reduction on the costs for technology – slide 41
    • Startups are raising more money and getting bigger faster – slide 42
    • So there is a big opportunity for Venture Capital in Southeast Asia – slide 45
  • Perspectives for the future – slide 46
    • Investments – slide 48
    • Valuations and exits – slide 51
    • Operating environment – slide 53
    • Startups – slide 55

List and activity of all VCs of Southeast Asia

The team of CxO has created a Google Spreadsheet to regroup all information on Venture Capital in Southeast Asia. They detail Venture Capital firms and their management teams, type of investments, investments already contracted, capital available, website addresses, etc.

Together in spreadsheet, you can also find tools to find the VCs that could fit your needs of funding as well as some statistical information on Venture Capital in Southeast Asia. Note that you have to be logged in to your Google Account to check this resource, and can get updates by registering in MAVA.

Active VCs in Southeast Asia
Map of Active VCs in Southeast Asia – GoogleDoc

Presentation from Febraury 2015 by Alexander Jarvis

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