Infographic on travel trends in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia travel trends

Southeast Asia has been a top international travel destination for years. But the growing income now also make the Southeast Asian market an important source of tourists within the region and beyond. Travel interest of Singaporeans, Malaysians and Indonesians are here highlighted by their online search.

With expected gross bookings of 53.7 Billion US $ in 2016, the travel industry is booming just like the rest of the sector of tourism in Southeast Asia. And the interests for travel in the region are changing from the classic local beach holidays to more seasonal and specific trends.

To provide valuable insights into the minds of would-be travelers, the team of Think with Google Asia Pacific has published an infographic on the travel searches trends in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Gathering average search volumes for key queries on the search engine, this infographic highlights interesting trends in the desires and behaviors of travelers.

Southeast Asia travel trends highlights

Southeast Asia travel trends infographic
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Analyzing the most popular destinations for travelers in the Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, the infographic approaches each country’s average search volumes in Google within a year. It discerns very strong seasonal trends within each country.

Singaporean travelers’ search

  • Very low search volume during Chinese New Year
  • Searches seem to focus on East Asia in spring, Europe in summer and Asia Pacific at year’s end, especially Thailand

Malaysian travelers’ search

  • Very high volumes of search during school holidays
  • Steep decline of searches for Malaysian cities and foreign Muslim cities during the month of Ramadan
  • Decline of searches for cities of China and Taiwan during Chinese New Year

Indonesian travelers’ search

  • Very high volumes of search for festivities from November to January, followed by a decline in February
  • Domestic destinations such as Bali, Lombok and Yogyakarta are the most popular
  • High amount of searches for Mecca in January to prepare for the Muslim pilgrimage a long time in advance

The infographic also details the growing interest for trips to Mecca in both Malaysia and Indonesia, with details of search volumes.

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