Indonesia’s automotive parts industry overview

Indonesia's automotive parts industry

Indonesia is a major market in Southeast Asia for the automotive industry, which consequently makes it a major market for the automotive parts manufacturers. This report presents the industry with synthetic analysis and infographics on the demand, production and policies for the automotive and auto parts industries in Indonesia.

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Indonesia’s automotive parts industry – summary

Automotive parts background – page 3

Indonesia’s automotive parts market – page 3

  • Key Driver
  • Major Barrier

Indonesia’s population pyramid & human development index (HDI) – page 4

  • Population pyramid 2010
  • Human Development Index

Indonesia’s automotive market overview – page 4

  • Indonesia’s vehicle sales

Indonesia’s car production and sales – page 5

  • Indonesia’s car sales by vehicle type

Indonesia’s motorcycle production and sales – page 6

  • Indonesia’s motorcycle sales, by vehicle type
  • Indonesia’s motorcycle production, by vehicle type

Top ten vehicle manufacturers sold in Indonesia for 2012 – page 7

  • Cars and pick-up trucks
  • Motorcycles

Indonesia’s automotive manufacturing production capacity – page 7

  • Cars and pick-up trucks
  • Motorcycles

Indonesia’s automotive components market overview – page 8

  • Indonesia’s automotive parts sales potential
  • Indonesia’s automotive parts sales

Indonesia’s automotive component industry cluster – page 9

Indonesia automotive component production – page 10

  • Automobile component made by GIAMM Members

Indonesia’s automotive component export destinations – page 10

Indonesia’s minimum wage and gross domestic product per capita (PPP) – page 11

  • Indonesia’s automotive sector – minimum wage
  • Automotive sector – minimum wage
  • GDP per capita, PPP
  • Key insights

Government policies and regulations regarding the automotive component industry – page 11

Government investment plan through MP3EI program – page 12

  • Indication of investment

Government investment plan-infrastructure – page 13

  • Investment in infrastructure

Report from December 2013 by Ipsos Business Consulting

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