Mobile Internet industry in the Philippines

Mobile Internet in the Philippines

The use of Internet on mobile devices in the Philippines is still behind other ASEAN countries, as smartphone penetration is low. However it is picking up very quickly, and with a population of more than 100 M people and very social habits, the Philippines is already becoming a digital and social media powerhouse in the region.

Philippine economy overview 2014

Philippine economy overview 2014

In a recent report, the World Bank presents an overview of the economy of the Philippines: from macro-economy and finance to human welfare and development indicators. With analysis of current economic policies, disaster recovery as well as future perspectives, this document will provide valuable information to business leaders, economic analysts, investors and policy makers.

Project NOAH: prevent natural hazards in the Philippines

Project NOAH: the Philippines preventing natural hazards

The geographic position of the Philippines exposes it to numerous natural hazards which often result in terrible human losses and economic damages. In response to the recent catastrophes, the Philippines’ Department of Science and Technology has created Project NOAH to inform populations, prevent and protect them from natural disasters.