Empowering business in Southeast Asia

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FinTech startups in Indonesia

Indonesia FinTech startups

Indonesia has the largest population in Southeast Asia and one of the fastest growing economies. As financial technologies – FinTech – are becoming some of the hottest business opportunities in Indonesia, many startups and companies engage in the competition to conquer big and promising markets. Continue reading

Guide to doing business in Thailand 2016


Thailand has gone through some tumultuous years that have had some impact on its economy. To help investment and growth, this complete guide to doing business in Thailand updated for 2016 will guide investors and entrepreneurs in their activities, to launch and conduct business in Thailand. Continue reading

Singapore Salary Guide 2016

Singapore Salary Guide 2016

Singapore is one of the most modern and developed countries in Asia, with a vibrant economy of high value-added services and industries. For companies looking for new personnel or professionals on the move, knowing the local salaries compensating for certain skills and experience is a must to make the right HR decisions. Continue reading

Insights on candidates and hiring in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia talent trends 2016

The Southeast Asian workforce is now primarily made up of a new generation. With different habits and aspirations from their parents the “Millenials” also bring a shift in the way they approach their careers and their job hunting practices. At a time of change in Southeast Asia, here are some insights on how to attract and hire them. Continue reading

A Filipina fashion designer’s success story and tips

Bea Valdes: woman fashion designer from the Philippines

Successful luxury companies are not common in Southeast Asia. This female designer from the Philippines nonetheless proves that it is possible to succeed in the luxury industry. Through her creative approach, traditional crafts from the Philippines now gain international recognition in luxury jewelry and accessories. Continue reading

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Empowering business in Southeast Asia

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