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The ASEAN UP Directory is a quality directory for business websites that propose news, services or information for visitors from one, many or all Southeast Asian countries, or websites based in one or several Southeast Asian countries.

Benefits for your site

  • Improve your website’s search engine rankings by obtaining links from a quality site, with entry paths not only from your category but also its parent… and more!
  • Integrate your site in a useful, quality directory that integrates only manually verified quality websites and allow those who look for you to find you easily.
  • Reference your site in details through several fields designed for websites based in, or targeting ASEAN countries… together with links to your social media profiles!

Lifetime submission price: 19.90 USD

If your submission is accepted, you will receive instructions to complete your secure payment by Paypal, debit or credit card (Paypal account NOT required). Upon reception of your payment, your website will be listed in the ASEAN UP Directory.

Conditions for approval

To proceed with your submission you must click on the link “I accept the conditions and submit my website” at the bottom of this page; by doing so you accept all conditions here presented. Your submission will be reviewed and if it is accepted you will receive payment instructions by email to complete your listing publication.

Less than 10% of sites submitted are accepted, the others are refused because they do not follow the guidelines presented here. Please read these guidelines before submitting your website to make sure your site is eligible or save your time.

Criteria of acceptance

The website you submit must be available in an English version, not only just an English page in your own language website.

The description submitted should be written using the 3rd person, do not use “we” or “I” or “you”, neither “your” or “our”, etc. 

All information submitted must be unique: it CANNOT BE COPY-PASTED from any other website, even your own website, your social media pages or submissions in other directories. We will check this in detail. Do not copy/paste your “About us” page or social media description, not even parts of them, your submission will be refused.

You will be required to enter a detailed description of your site in plain and correct English exclusively (no list of keywords, no URL or email addresses or other contacts…), so that it provides something of interest for other people and that they can easily understand it, with a minimum of 800 characters which usually correspond to 3-4 paragraphs. You can, for example, use this description to answer the following questions:

  • what are you/ is your company doing?
  • do you provide services or sell products? what kind?
  • why are you/your products/your services different from your competitors?
  • what is your target market? and your target customers?
  • what do you do in Southeast Asia? and in your particular country?
  • what is the story of your website/company/products/service?
  • why are you/your team special?

The website you submit must be oriented towards visitors from at least one ASEAN country and/or based in at least one ASEAN country: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.

All information about your website must be submitted in grammatically and orthographically CORRECT English sentences exclusively – no lists of keywords.

The information submitted must correspond to your website‘s information.

Websites submitted must be public, complete – not under construction – and with a minimum of content and design: not a white brand, not a mirror of another website, not a website which sole purpose is to guide towards other websites, tools or payment to access a registered-only area.

Websites submitted must be top-level domains: no free domains, no sub-domains, no page or blog within one website, no redirected URLs. Ex:,, or

Any website can only be submitted once. Please check that the website you want to submit is not already listed in the ASEAN UP Directory.

Websites related to or promoting services, products or activities with the following contents will be refused:

  • illegal and criminal contents, such as drugs or weapons traffic, computer piracy, spyware or malware, prostitution in any form, trade of counterfeit merchandise…
  • sexual, pornographic, erotic or adult contents
  • violent, aggressive, defaming, injurious, untruthful, deceitful or doubtful contents
  • contents that invite to violence, racism, or attack against one person or a group of persons
  • contents related to alcohol, tobacco or any licit or illicit drug
  • contents related to gambling, bets, online casinos or other money-related games will be refused (poker…)
  • political, judicial or religious organization, opinions, claims or other contents
  • methods to earn money quickly or easily, direct sales and direct marketing, multi-level marketing or pyramidal schemes of any sort, systems proposing remuneration of users for clicking, visiting websites, opening email, or other questionable real-world or internet-related schemes or tactics
  • only advertising contents
  • contents not respecting copyrights

Note: companies proposing multiple languages of the same website via multiple domains (,,,,…) must submit only the main domain in English.

Modification of information submitted

To improve the experience of users browsing the ASEAN UP Directory and the websites registered, ASEAN UP reserves the right to modify any content submitted to enhance understanding and facilitate networking.

Refusal and deletion

ASEAN UP reserves the right to refuse or delete any website submitted, especially if its content has been altered in any way with regards to the information submitted in the directory.

No refund, no modification

Once an website is accepted and the payment to publish it has been completed, it cannot be refunded under any circumstance.

Website descriptions accepted cannot be modified and must be submitted and paid again. Please make sure your submission is complete and verified before you submit it.

Amendments to the conditions of submission

ASEAN UP reserves the right to modify any of the conditions of submission and maintaining of any and all websites into the ASEAN Directory without prior notice.

This is a VERY selective directory, make sure to read these guidelines because there is a 90%+ probability your submission will NOT BE ACCEPTED. Save your time, and ours.

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You may select additional ASEAN countries for your website / your company to register it in extra countries' directories. This option will cost 5 USD per extra country beyond the first one.

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