Best jobs portal in Thailand?

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    What is the best jobs website/portal posting jobs in Thailand?

    Or what are the top jobs websites in Thailand?

    Thanks for your tips if you know good jobs portal in English and/or in Thai.

    If you can, please precise the kind of jobs posted there:

    • jobs levels: senior / middle / entry
    • kind of companies: SME / large companies / multinationals
    • for Thai / foreigners
    • salaries details
    • etc.



    Florian Bansac

    In Thailand, JobsDB seems to be the best jobs portal, at least for jobs posted in English. The website also has jobs in Thai language though I don’t know if there is another better platform for jobs in Thai.

    Jobs posted are for all levels and for all kinds of companies, from SMEs to multinationals. There are jobs for foreigners and jobs listings usually indicate when they are intended for Thais only.

    However, salaries are not often disclosed, but the website has a system for candidates to detail their desired salaries in their application.


    nakan t

    JobsDB seems to be the biggest job portal in Asia. However, for English speakers, I would recommend checking out WorkVenture.It’s a relatively new job portal but has open positions from some of the leading companies in Thailand and Abroad. The jobs posted cover all kinds of companies but there are a lot of startups and multinationals that accept foreigners.



    Thanks for sharing @woop123

    WordVenture seems to have quite a large following on facebook, do you post your job offers there as well?



    nakan t

    Sorry, I’m not sure. I would use the website if you are looking for jobs.

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