Effect of lower Ringgit on the Malaysian economy

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    Betty Cheng


    I need to know if the fall of the Malaysian Ringgit compared to the US $ is beneficial or detrimental the Malay economy.

    -positive effects: increase in exports and Foreign Direct Investments that are comparatively cheaper

    -negative effects: increase in price of imports and Malaysian investments abroad more expensive

    Does anyone have any data that show if the positive effects are more important than the negative ones? or the contrary?

    Any other effects of the Rm/US$ rate?

    Thank you for your input


    Florian Bansac

    Hi @betty-cheng

    I guess this data is difficult to measure.

    Here’s another (older) post that states other effects from the MYR/USD rate though:
    Positive And Negative Effects Of The Ringgit’s Shameful Fall That You Didn’t Think About

    Good luck in your data search!


    Betty Cheng


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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