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    Galih Ujang

    Besides being rich in natural beauty, Indonesia is a country that is also recognized for its cultural wealth. Different cultures can be found in various remote areas in Indonesia.

    One specificity among many others is the Indonesian shadow puppets: Wayang kulit. Each region of theJava island has its distinctive puppet style. They are made from buffalo skin processed to produce various forms of puppets for the amazement of the audience.

    Usually in Indonesian puppet shows are used to entertain the hosts of large events. A special fund is often used to hire a shadow puppet,install a stage in the surroundings of a community which will gather to watch the puppet show. It generally starts at night and will be completed in the early morning.

    The Indonesian government wants to preserve its culture and introduce it to the world. One of these efforts is made through the promotion of the official Indonesia Travel website which features knowledge about the Indonesian culture, including the Wayang Kulit.



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