EYE3 GROUP Limited is a company specialized in the launching and management of international, innovative and intellectual ventures.

EYE3 GROUP Ltd is a company based in Hong Kong specialized in the development of international ventures and innovative projects for the intellectual industries such as Internet, media, design, marketing, finance, education…

Thanks to its international network, EYE3 GROUP develops projects between Europe and Asia, especially in France, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong as well as other English, French and Spanish speaking countries.

EYE3 GROUP is notably the parent company of ASEAN UP, as well as several other websites and digital media, tools and software targeted to the Architecture in France, marketing and business in Asia and the ASEAN region as well as the digital communication agency, Fluorcom.

Gathering experience as it develops more and more ambitious ventures, EYE3 GROUP is engaged to expand and promote a responsible business conduct wherever it is present.

international, innovative, intellectual, venture, project, digital, internet, marketing