AEC News Today

AEC News Today
AEC News Today is an online news publication that provided business and leisure information across the entire ASEAN Economic Community

AEC News Today provides news, analysis and feature articles of interest to those already established in ASEAN and who see business opportunities arising from the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community – AEC -, or who are contemplating establishing a presence in the AEC.

Focusing on policies and governance, AEC News Today treats the entire 10 member block as one community.

In addition to reports on topics such as healthcare, education, property, law, and business, AEC News Today provides information on leisure activities in the region, including travel, food and drink, and culture.

Aside from articles written by its own team of journalists, AEC News Today also publishes relevant material from sources such as the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Australian National University (ANU) and other qualified sources.

All of its articles are meticulously fact checked to ensure accuracy and they do not accept paid-for contributions. AEC News Today has a strict code of ethics under which all of its staff and contributors are required to abide.

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